A guide to not blowing all your money on your overseas adventure

July 18, 2017
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You’ve heard all the money-saving tips for before you leave on your whirlwind travel adventure – but what about when you’re there? When you’re abroad and having the time of your life, it can be easy to spend big and blow through your money very quickly without realising. Here’s some tips to take on board to save those precious travel funds.

Download a currency converter app

If you’re travelling to a few different countries with different currencies, chances are the exchange rate will get confusing. Download a currency converter app and let it do the complicated maths for you. Just load the app when you do have WiFi and the rate will be set for you to use throughout the day without having to connect to the internet. Easy as.

Never eat at a restaurant near a main tourist spot

Restaurants and cafes near busy tourist spots will take advantage of the fact you’re a tourist and charge you way more than the normal rate for food and drinks. If you’re planning on going to a tourist spot, eat beforehand or make sure you venture away to find the more hidden food gems (that will most likely taste way better too).

Buy food from local markets

Speaking of food, there’s no better way to appreciate a country’s local cuisine than by finding markets. Do your research and find out the food markets the locals go to. Chances are the food will be way cheaper, and you can get a picnic together to enjoy in a park or another nearby attraction. Cheese and bread under the Eiffel Tower? You’ll fit right in.

Travel over night

If you want to save money on travel between destinations, book overnight trains. It’ll combine a night’s accommodation and travel costs into one, which will also be a big time saver. Most sleeper trains are pretty basic, but it will be worth it for the dollars you save.

Bring your student card

Rejoice broke students, as many museums and tourist attractions around the world will accept student cards. Although not every place will accept an Australian student card, there’s also a chance they will accept the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Make the most of those student perks.

Go without a sim card

You don’t need to buy an international sim card and you most definitely shouldn’t turn on international roaming. You can save yourself some cash by relying on free WiFi. When you’re out exploring the world, there are better things to look at than your phone. So survive a couple weeks without Snapchat and save the Instagramming until you’re back at the hostel.

Find a free walking tour on your first day

Free walking tours are the best way to introduce yourself to a new city. They’re often lead by knowledgeable locals who will take you around the city and tell you some fun facts along the way. Not only is it a good way to orientate yourself with the city, but it’s also an opportunity to get first-hand recommendations from a local on things to do and see. Although they will often ask for a tip, it’s a small price to pay and well worth it.

Stinge on breakfast

If you’re going to stinge on many meal, make it breakfast. Find out if your hostel offers free or cheap breakfast, or get some groceries to make it yourself. Unlike Australia, a lot of other countries don’t have a huge brunch culture, so save lunch and dinner for trying the local delicacies.

Image: Lillie Kate, Flickr Creative Commons license