All the ways you're forced into adulting once you graduate

June 29, 2017
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The first year of uni is the first time you start to feel like a propert adult. You're moving out of home for the first time and you're starting to make big (and small) decisions independent of your parents. By your final year, you might tell yourself you’ve nailed the whole #adulting thing that you struggled with in the first few years. But what awaits you is the reality that the post-uni world comes with a whole new set of adult rules you have to adjust to. Sorry fam, time to start fresh again...

You have less excuses for being poor (but you still are…)

If you’ve earned yourself a ‘real’ job post-university, good for you! Those are hard to come by! Unless you’re super talented/lucky, it’ll probs be an entry-level job, which means you’re probs still just as poor now as you were as a student. You expected to be rolling in it by now – but since you’ve probably upgraded from crappy student housing, have to start paying for adult fares and Centrelink has cut you off, you’ll realise how expensive the real world is.

The question of ‘What are you doing with your life’ becomes more frequent

...from others and from yourself. You can no longer hide behind your degree as a reason why you don’t know what you’re doing yet. You may have told yourself throughout the years that it’s fine and you have plenty of time, but now that time is up and you better start thinking about what it is you want to do. If you’ve been spending your post-exam freedom sitting on the couch and making your way through almost every Netflix series you can, your parents might be starting to nudge you for answers as well.

On social media, #adulting = engagements, houses and babies

Remember when that hashtag used to be attached to moving out to your first rental place or buying your first (crappy) car? Your social media feed probs looks a bit different now. Instead, people you know from high school are getting married, somehow affording property and popping out babies. Meanwhile, you still feel proud when you book an appointment all on your own (and so you should).

Buying a $6 wine is no longer a sign of #adulting

When you made the switch from alcopops to wine, you probably felt pretty chuffed with your mature adult self. In reality, you probs realised how drunk you could get for half the cost. Unlike your carefree uni days, you no longer feel like an adult when drinking moscato. Not only that, but you will start to realise any wine under $6 will taste terrible and bring back terrible binge-drinking memories. You like to hope you’ve stepped up in the world – to a $12 wine instead.

It becomes less acceptable to hide from responsibilities

The difference between adulting in the real world is you have to actually start acting like an adult (boo). And whether you like it or not, you probably will start acting like one. This means less weeknight parties and more drinking on a Friday night after work (and going to bed at a respectable time of midnight because you’re exhausted AF). Unlike uni when you could procrastinate until the night before the exam, ‘real world’ work means actually getting into the office before 9 and doing your work when you’re told. Ready to go back to uni yet?

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