Dating in your 20s: expectations vs reality

November 22, 2016
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Bless our teenage selves who thought dating was hard. Well, it was a bit hard when our parents were dropping us to dates, but we had no idea what we were in for. We expected that we’d have our relationships sorted out by our 20s, or at least that dating would be fun when we had more freedom. Boy, were we wrong.

Expectation: The first time you meet will feel like a scene from a rom-com
Reality: You’ll probs meet via a dating app

There’s nothing wrong with meeting via Tinder or any other app, we just pictured it going down a little differently. You expected to meet them at a party or a bar, seeing each other across a crowded room, knowing it was fate that brought you both here. Sorry fam, life isn’t a rom-com and you’re probably going to have to sort through the duds asking you for a root to find a semi-decent person on a dating app.

Expectation: Your first date will involve a romantic candle-lit dinner
Reality: You’ll meet at a noisy crowded bar where you'll struggle to hear each other

The choice of the first date is usually somewhere casual, fair enough. But you thought it would be slightly more romantic. If you’re the one choosing the location – do your research. If you’re letting your date decide, let’s hope they don’t choose a dodgy place with sticky tables that smells like beer.

Expectation: You’ll find the one and have immediate chemistry
Reality: It will be hella awkward

Even if you find a catch of a person you’d like to see again, you can guarantee that first encounter is still going to be awks. You’re both trying to impress each other without revealing your true colours, so it might seem a little forced. If you can push through the first date, the second date will be a lot better. Unless, of course, you meet up with someone who you have zilch in common with. Not only will that be painfully awkward, but also very boring.

Expectation: The transition from dating to in a relationship will happen seamlessly
Reality: You’ll have no fucking clue

The struggle of that dating limbo is real. If you’ve gone out on a few dates and you’re keen as, chances are it’s still too early to have a relationship conversation. You don’t want to seem like you have no chill, so even though you have a million questions about your relationship status, you bury them all down and pretend like you’re playing it cool, whatevs.

Expectation: You assume when it’s right, it’ll be easy
Reality: Eh, sort of

It can be tough to keep dating no-hopers who aren’t right for you. When you do find someone you would actually want to ship for yourself, it will be a lot easier than the string of terrible dates that have lead you to this person. Sometimes it’s not so simple though. Everyone comes with baggage and circumstances can make it tricky. Found Mr. Right but he's leaving for a year-long overseas adventure in a month? Sounds about right, thanks universe.

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