Dating mistakes everyone makes in their 20s (and how to avoid them)

January 24, 2017
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If you’re in a position where you're wondering why you’re still single or you're just not enjoying dating, chances are you might be doing it wrong. While there isn’t a clear cut right and wrong way to date, these mistakes might be getting in the way of you really enjoying that single life or impeding your ability to find someone.

Limiting yourself to online dating (or limiting yourself to meeting people IRL)

Everyone twenty-something dater falls into two categories – the serial online dater, or the person who refuses to try dating apps. If you’re addicted to dating apps, the idea of meeting someone in person might seem way harder and involve more effort than swiping left and right. But you might be missing out on so many opportunities to meet people IRL. And for those who don’t want to date anyone from Tinder – let’s face it, a lot of the world is on dating apps now. It can be a lot harder to meet someone in a bar now when people are relying on dating apps, so probs best to get with the times.

Trying to make something work with someone who’s wrong for you

We’ve all been there – maybe you’ve been single for a while or maybe you just hate being by yourself. When a first date is a total disaster, it’s easy to say sayonara and never see that person again. But if the date was OK, fine, maybe a bit boring – sometimes we convince ourselves that it wasn’t so bad and go out on a second date and then a third. If you’re already getting annoyed by the things they do this early on, chances are you might be forcing it. It might be worth it to be single for a little while longer.

Stressing more about being in a relationship than enjoying dating

If you try to assess every first date based on whether the person is relationship material, you’ll probably end up disappointed. First dates should just be a fun way to get to know someone and find out whether you’re attracted to them at all. You never know, you might meet an awesome person who becomes your new friend (or friend with benefits), even if a relationship doesn’t work out. You’re in your 20s and you have plenty of time, so enjoy being single and enjoy dating as many people as you like.

Getting stringed along by a Fuckboy/girl

This is one good way to ensure that you don’t meet anyone new if you’re still pining for someone who doesn’t care about you. It’s important to look out for the warning signs and spot a Fuckboy before you get too attached. If they do occasionally say something nice, you might hold onto the hope that there might be a chance for you two. Just remember that tagging you in memes isn’t a sign that they're making any sort of effort. Avoid at all costs.

Or being the person who strings the nice girl/guy along

You may not have even noticed you were doing it – if someone is showing you they're keen and you’re not into it, you might avoid letting them know because you don’t want to hurt them. But it’s unfair if you keep them around when you’re single to feel better about yourself, or say things to them that might give them hope. This dating mistake can affect friendships and people can get hurt, so don’t be that person.

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