Eight things you’ll learn living on your own

September 19, 2016
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Moving out of home is the dream. No one's there to tell you what to do, when to wash the dishes or remind you that you're not wearing pants.

Peace and bliss and bills... so many bills - especially if you make the big move on your own.

There are so many reasons to move out of home and find your own little slice of solitude. Maybe you've always had a big, 'bust in while you're on the toilet' family and you need the comfort of knowing no one will be opening that door. Maybe you're moving from a share house and you need a cosy studio apartment that you get to call your own.

We all have our reasons for living alone; here are a few things you'll pick up on when you do.

Why am I like this?!

You've found your own space, it's a five minute walk to class, you could literally be on campus for that lecture... Nah, I'll just watch it online. Nah, I have three classes I can skip this sem. Nah, the other group members will be OK without me.

Living on your own means there's no one to help pick up your unconscious body from bed when you have class at 9am. Even though you could actually make it to those 9am classes now, actually motivating yourself is a whole other thing.

You work out how little shame you have

No pants, no closed doors and no excuses when the landlord pops by to warn you if you blast the Shrek soundtrack one more time you'll be homeless.

The motivation to exercise on your own is super low too, but the motivation to dance around the house like a crazy person? That's an 11/10.

Being sick sucks twice as much

Everything about being on your own sucks when you're sick. No one to make you chicken soup, to hear you whinge or get you medicine - not going to lie, it's pretty rough. 

Do I really need to eat anyway?

The laziness is definitely real when you buy, cook and clean-up by yourself. Sometimes it's just easier to 'eat sleep' for dinner by falling face first on the bed after a long (like 2 hours of classes) day of uni.

Your meals seem to blend into each other throughout the day when there isn't anyone to judge you for eating half a packet of Tim Tams for breakfast or bacon and eggs for dinner. The real struggle is if you forget to go shopping, which often means you just go without eating – takeaway on a strapped student budget is reserved for special occasions only.

You won't believe how messy/clean you are

You learn a lot about yourself living on your own, mostly just how insane(ly awesome?!) you are. After a week of struggling to adjust to loner life, you'll find out one of two things about how you live: wow, I'm actually disgusting or wow, I'm actually disgusting.

Who needs to clean that one knife and fork set you have when you're just going to use them for the next meal?

This is your space and you get to let it go as much as you feel comfortable with.

I am a GENIUS!

The best part of living on your own? You're always right.

How do I even pay bills?

There are lots of things that school doesn't teach you: how to do your taxes, how to manage your finances and how to pay bills. Luckily you'll definitely be told if you 'forget to pay', just don't forget to pay the internet bill or you'll really start to accumulate those lonely feels.

Everything's expensive!

Going from splitting bills or getting everything for free to being completely self-funded is actually hell.

We get it, you've been living alone for months now and your parents aren't helping you out with money. But don't worry – the ol' government has your back with Youth Allowance funds!

Lol jks, it's easier to just get a full-time job than prove you're actually 'independent' - we don't get it either.

Harrison Johnstone

A country kid at heart with city slicking aspirations in his head, Harrison is an aspiring journalist, video editor and human being.

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