Five easy ways to shake up your mid-year break (without spending money)

July 19, 2017
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If you’re feel like the holiday lull is starting to settle, you might be in need of some changes. It’s easy to get complacent during semester when the assignments and responsibilities are piling up high. But the winter break is your perfect chance to do what you’ve been putting off to be the best possible you. We hear you – giving your wardrobe, living quarters or life in general a makeover costs money. But there are simple changes you can make to refresh your every day (and they won't cost a thing).

Quit the gym and start exercising outdoors

This is a win-win situation. Not only will you gain money back from the exxy gym membership you were forking out for, but your attitude towards exercise will improve significantly. If you find yourself unmotivated to get in the car and drive to the gym, that’s because it can be a hella depressing place for those of us that aren’t gym junkies. Instead, try going for a run or a hike, and if that’s not your thing, take your laptop outside for some free Youtube exercise tutorials.

Start planning your next overseas trip

OK, we know the actual trip will cost you a decent chunk of money. But having something to look forward will give you the motivation to keep working when you're losing all hope at that crappy retail job. If you dedicate some time to planning your idea trip, you might even find that it’s more plausible than you imagined. When you do eventually take that trip, you’ll be super prepared.

Talk to strangers

It might seem daunting, and you’ll definitely want to exercise this one with caution. But if you’re feeling a bit stuck in the same place, chances are it’s because you’re still surrounded by the same people, hearing the same opinions. Broaden your horizons and talk to someone you’ve never spoken to at work or uni. Or, even more daring, talk to a stranger on public transport or out in the wider world. You might make a friend, or at the very least, you might learn something new.

Give meditation and mindfulness a try

If you’ve disregarded these activities as being pointless in the past, you might be surprised to find they’re just what you need to shake things up. Try sitting quietly and being reflective, and you may just discover things about yourself that you didn’t know. It’s so simple, yet it’s a good place to start on the path to self-improvement. Even a two-minute meditation sesh can improve your outlook.

Declutter your life of things you don’t need

If you’re anything like me, your room is probs full of clothes you don’t wear and crap you bought on a whim but have never looked at again. Take the time to throw out all your useless things and you’ll feel a special kind of lightness reserved for people with only the essentials. It’ll also make you realise how much money you’re wasting and how big your carbon footprint it is. Not only will you save money, but you might also gain money if you choose to sell your pre-loved belongings online. It may be winter, but it’s not too late to spring clean your life.