Five study sins we all commit (and regret immediately)

September 06, 2016
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As we get deeper into semester, the stress gets higher and attendance gets lower. It’s a time of way too many assignments all due in the same week and impending mid-sem exams (that are ignored until the final hour). These are the seven deadly sins (at least, perilous to our marks) that we continue to commit and regret.


Emotional eating is at its worst this time of semester. We’re stressed, we’re tired and yet we continue to eat the worst (but best) foods that will only make us more tired. Each week starts with a new plan to eat healthy to keep those energy levels high for late nights of essay writing. And yet with all this hard work, we feel like we deserve to treat ourselves. So one square of chocolate turns into a row which turns into a block… Every. Single. Night.


You’ve no doubt frightened your parents or roommates at some point during semester. When it all becomes too much, you snap and threaten to drop out of uni forever. After blood, sweat and tears that assignment you handed in weeks ago only received a C? God forbid you get an incompetent bunch for a group assignment.


We’re way too proud to admit we’re struggling. If everyone else can handle this amount of subjects, why can’t I? Lecturers and tutors might offer a hand but you convince them you’re fine. Totally fine.


There’s always that one overachiever who manages to ace every semester seemingly without effort. How does it come so easily to them? Not even they no, as they tell you how shocked they are about their latest HD. You try to be happy for them but really you’d like to figure out how to switch names on your next exam paper.


You schedule your classes at 9am at the start of semester so things will be different. You’ll be able to get so much more out of the day right? But that early start in the morning inevitably means naps in the afternoon. What’s the point, right? A few weeks into semester you’re no longer making it to that lecture and you’re sleeping in well past your alarm. You’ll have more motivation to study if you get a good night’s sleep, right? Nope, night-time study seshs turn into lazy AF Netflix seshs in bed.

Every semester we tell ourselves it’ll be different and every time we do the same thing. Although we try to change our ways, binge-eating copious amount of chocolates and spending more time napping than studying is what helps us truly survive the semester. 

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