Mistakes we're all guilty of making in our 20s

July 19, 2017
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As a twenty-something, you constantly get told you’re doing it all wrong. You’re warned of mistakes to avoid and what not to do if you want to have a happy and successful 20s. But you know what? You can make a million mistakes and still be happy and successful. None of us are completely flawless (despite what we tell employers on our resumes) and if you’ve made these mistakes, no biggy because we’ve all been there.

You’ve gone into debt for something frivolous

Maybe it was when you first discovered credit cards were a thing, or maybe there was just something you really couldn’t afford – but that wasn’t enough to stop you. All of us have either gone into debt at some point, or at least gone into the single digits in our bank account. Was it to pay for uni courses or textbooks? Hell no. It was probably that fashionable outfit that’s unfortunately no longer fashionable, or a new phone because the older model (that worked perfectly fine) just didn’t cut it any more.

You’ve hooked up with someone you definitely shouldn’t have

This was probably a decision you made in the moment that you’ve come to regret for weeks, months or years later. Maybe it was a friend’s ex or someone who seemed innocent at the time but turned full-blown stalker in the aftermath. From creepy Tinder dates to best mates where you really shouldn’t have gone there), we all have a story. It’s all part of the twenty-something dating experience.

You’ve made your body suffer through your binge-drinking ways

Once you hit your 20s, you start to get to know your limits a bit better than your newly-acquainted-with-alcohol 18-year-old self. But that doesn’t mean you’ll listen to your body and avoid going over those limits. Most nights you can get drunk and have a good night with your mates, other nights it’s black-out drunk and vomiting in the back of an Uber on the way home. That’s a one-star rating you can’t take back.

You’ve dated someone who’s totally wrong for you

We’ve all been there, trying to make things work with someone who is totally wrong for us. For some, that might have been a few dates that could have been avoided, but for others this might be a few years of your life wasted. If you’re still hung up on someone who’s stringing you along or questioning whether you’re dating the right person – don’t worry, you’re not the only one. But let that be a mistake that you start to move on from ASAP.

You’ve tried to run away from your problems, rather than solving them

Hands up if you’ve ever fantasised about dropping out of uni, quitting your job and moving to some exotic foreign destination? We’ve all thought about it, and you might have even gone that step further and actually done it. Maybe you were dealing with personal problems and thought you’d book a spontaneous trip to Central America over the summer, or to deal with your breakup you decided to get some distance by moving cities. Travel isn’t necessarily a mistake, but the reason behind it might be. The twenty-something experience is rife with personal dilemmas, so be prepared to pack your suitcase at some point along the journey to your 30s.