Nine times Broad City was relatable AF

December 01, 2016
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Oh how we wish we were as cool as Abbi and Ilana. We also wish we were living our prime 20-something years living in New York City getting up to crazy adventures, but we can't have it all. Despite the differences, Abbi and Illana are just like us struggling students – poor, a bit lost and struggling at life.

We’re going through the same 20-something struggle

Preach Ilana. We haven’t even hit our mid-20s yet, but we’re already going through a quarter-life crisis. Much like the Broad City gals, we might feel like we’re wasting our youth working crappy jobs and being poor AF all the time.

We have no idea what we’re doing at our jobs

Too real. Even though Ilana has no idea what she does for a job, she’ll still try hire interns so she can do as little work as possible. We feel you Ilana – we also have no fucking clue what we’re doing when we get internships and “real” jobs. Either that or we’re on the same level as Abbi making a living off cleaning up after people…

We want all the free shit

Anywhere that advertises the price as a ‘suggested donation’ – we’re totally there. Whether that’s free breakfast at uni or a free yoga class, we’ll take it without shame.

We’re uncomfortable in social situations

We feel just as awkward when we’re meeting new people. Ever gone for a hug when they’ve gone for a handshake? So. Embarrassing. Let’s not even mention how awkward dating can get… The Broad City gals get it.

Our friends are the most important to us

We all have a friendship that resembles Abbi and Illana’s – often a bad influence, but always a bestie by your side when you need it most.

…and we’re almost a little too comfortable around them

If you feel equally comfortable talking as you do sitting in silence and snapchatting in each other’s presence, you know you’ve got a BFF right there. Or should I say a frond to the ond.

We’re too poor for public transport

Even with student discounts, public transport is waaaay too expensive. We’re not going to lie, we’ve considered skipping that fare once or twice. When your pre-paid card gets down to under $5 and you don’t get paid for another week, you know the poor student struggle is definitely real.

For us, 21st season is a time for free booze and food

We all know how exxy 21st season can be – there’s one every weekend and that’s a lot of presents to buy. So when we do rock up to a party, we have to make it worth it. That means getting a big haul of free food and alcohol. You might become ‘that person’ at the party who the waiters know to gravitate towards, but it’s worth it for a free feed (and first preference of the canapes).

We pre-drink too hard and end up too drunk for the club

The line for the night club is the biggest challenge of the night. You have to convince the security guard you’ve only had ‘one or two drink’s when really you’ve downed a whole bottle of cheap, terrible wine. If you do manage to trick them into thinking your sober, you’ll walk into the club feeling like the ultimate queen (yasss kween). We feel (and act) like we have a lot of swag, but we’re probs a few stumbles away from getting our asses kicked out…

Image: Broad City official Facebook page