Six instances when you realised “The customer is always right” is bullshit

June 22, 2017
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Anyone who has ever worked in customer service knows the most despised saying of all employees is “The customer is always right”. And anyone who works in customer service also knows that this saying is complete bullshit. No employee should ever have to deal with being treated like shit because of this insanely stupid policy. Here is my organised rant of instances where the customer is always wrong.  

Customer returns

OK, let’s make this clear. No, you cannot return clothing that you have washed and worn for weeks after the purchase. No, you cannot return an item after the return policy date has expired. And no, you cannot get a refund on a product that you have broken or have used for five years.

Customer returns in general are the most frustrating conversation you can have with a disgruntled customer. No matter how many time you explain the company policy, they still think they’re entitled to get their money back. Please people, save the employees the trouble and think VERY carefully about what you are going to buy before you buy it.

This was the price I got it for last time.

That’s nice, but prices change and now it’s different so cough up the extra $2 sis. The only thing more annoying than customer returns is customers thinking you control the pricing of everything in store. I don’t care if you came here ten years ago and got if for five dollars cheaper. No, you can’t get a discount and if you ask to speak to the manager for this truly insignificant thing then I might just slam my head in the register.

“You need more staff rostered on.”

Oh, I’m sorry that you had to wait more than two minutes in line to buy your product. But unfortunately, you’re not the only person in this store and sometimes you will have to wait in line. I hope you know that nobody cares when you complain that you had to wait for ages. Saying that “You should have more staff on” is pointless because the employees don’t control the damn roster. So take your items and kindly fuck off.

There was a different price on the label, so I should get it for that price.

That product was probs put back on the wrong shelf by a careless customer, I’m not going to sell it to you for that price because you were stupid enough to think that that shampoo came from the toilet paper aisle. Next please!

Ive been a long-term customer so I should get a special discount.

I don’t know how or why some customers get this idea. Cheers, for being an ongoing customer, but there are also a lot of other long-term customers as well. And if we give everyone a “special” discount, it wouldn’t be so special, would it?

I should be able to use this gift card, even though its expired.

If it’s expired, odds are the gift card won’t even scan through our system so there is literally nothing I can do about that. Following this statement is usually a massive tantrum about how “This isn’t good customer service” and the good old “I want to speak to the manager” complaints. Then odds are your manager will come along and take the customers side, making you look like a complete incompetent idiot. *Sigh*. Don’t you just love retail?

Sophie Nicolas

Sophie is studying a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.

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