Study break lies we tell ourselves that need to stop

May 30, 2017
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Like that guy who bought you a drink an hour ago, study break has crept up without us even noticing and ruined our fun. And like that guy who bought you a drink an hour ago, we will continue to ignore study break’s existence until it’s absolutely necessary. While we might run into the bathroom, or binge watch House of Cards, to avoid the reality of the situation, the lies ultimately have to stop. We’ve got to face up to Kyle the Real Estate Agent/Macroeconomics 3 eventually.

“One more episode…”

Would you like to continue watching? My Netflix tentatively prompts.



Ugh, just one more.

And three hours later I’ve finished an entire series, I’m feeling emotionally drained, and I need to go read the subreddit colluding on what will happen next season. What’s worse is that we tell ourselves we can multi-task study and watching a few episodes. We convince ourselves we’ve been productive the entire time but really we’ve read a sentence over four times and maybe redone the formatting.

Of course, that isn’t as bad as experiencing the rookie error of thinking you can study and watch a Nordic crime thriller on SBS. No, a person can’t study when you have to constantly read the sub-titles. Too bad it took me until the end of the series to figure that out...

“I get a lot done in study groups.”

Said no one. Ever.

I work in a library and can guarantee that study groups during swotvac are the most unproductive groups of individuals, unless you count tagging each other in memes and taking snaps as productive (which we don’t, obviously). Although it might be fun to collectively Photoshop your lecturer’s face onto something, it is not helping you understand trade imbalances in the Japanese economy. Be a loner, sit by yourself and only ask your friends for help when you’re genuinely stuck with something.

“My brain needs these carbs.”

This a personal favourite. My brain has worked hard and needs the energy. It’s a muscle, it needs to be replenished.

Add those carbs in with the fact that you’re just sitting around the whole day and your health for the next few weeks’ will plummet. You sleep worse, your focus is off and you feel groggy. Swap that muffin for an apple and swap a trip to the pantry for a walk to the park. Your #body is a #temple #braingains #health.

“No-Doz is a vitamin.”

As someone with an unhealthy reliance on vapo-rub, I’m in no position to talk about drug abuse, but No-Doz tablets are not the answer to sleep. If you’re feeling that overwhelmed with work that you’re turning to stimulants (No-doz or…others) it might be time to reconsider why you’re in that position. Starting your study a lot earlier in semester, reducing your work hours or potentially dropping to a lower course load may be longer term options. No drug (or amount of carbs, disappointingly) can replicate the benefits of sleep.

“I have to check that Snapchat.”

It will still be there in an hour. And it’s probably someone procrasti-snapping anyway. Or complaining about how unprepared they are. Or both.

Turn Airplane Mode on and stop lying to yourself. This also stops procrati-group chats or procrasti-insta stalks. There is legitimately nothing better than a comprehensive stalk to make you feel better about imminent exam failure, but save that joy for your break time and power through.

It won’t be easy to stop lying to ourselves, but we’ve got to try. But if I can’t manage to curb my addiction to foreign TV series, I look forward to writing my next article: So you’ve failed a unit, what next?

Danica Lamb

Danica is a Laws Masters kid at UWA. She enjoys cheap coffee and 80s pop music.

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