The difference between a relationship in first year vs third year

June 26, 2017
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Every relationship that exists within the realms of university life is going to see some pretty big changes over the duration of its time there. Maturity grows, beards may be introduced, trends come and go like the changing of the moon, and there’ll come a point where you’ll realise the relationship that blossomed out of first year is pretty different to the one you’re living in third year.

Making it mould to your on-campus social presence vs not giving a fuck

In first year, it’s natural to be aware of your social presence on campus. It’s even more natural to give a shit about it. A relationship in first year therefore takes up mental space, making sure you’re not seen too little or too much with you significant other.

By third year, very little fucks are given to this. Your social presence is established and pretty concrete. It ain’t gonna change. So stressing constantly about what others think about your relationship becomes pretty non-existent, you simply do not give a fuck.

Babe turns into honey

My relationship in first year was greeted with an agreement not to call each other babe. It’s not going to be a thing we do. No way. Na-huh. Not us, its tacky AF.

By third year there were honeys and darlings thrown around like mi goreng packets at 4am at a house party.

Party, party, party vs the documentary life

A natural progression for any couple moving through their university years. The uni parties you would wait in line for suddenly took a backseat while documentaries and bolognese rode shot gun.  

The conversation inevitably changed from “WHAT SHOTS DO WE WANT?” to “Isn’t Winnie Mandela a forgotten hero in Apartheid?”

It’s Netflix over foam party I’m afraid.

Drama vs should we get a dog yet?

I don’t know about you, but my relationship in first year was not exempt from some good ol’ fashioned drama.  The alcohol, parties, fresh new friends and old sparks – it’s a fun mix.  If your relationship makes it through the drama of first year, keep your claws in it, you’re onto a good one!

Now we’re sitting on a couch looking at rescue dogs in our area and discussing puppy names – Dave is currently the frontrunner for the Kelpie cross. 

Ikea is a piss take vs no seriously, what chopping board do you like better?

Ikea is a magical world of fun that most couples indulge in more than once in their time together, but that experience takes a turn when relationships get a bit more real.

First year involves a lot of running. Third year involves a lot of discussing.

The shared goon sacks turn into shared bottles of cheap wine

Look it’s a slow progression, but a progression none the less.

In first year, there were dregs of good sacks on almost all levels of the fridge. In third, there might even be back up bottles in the shelf because there was a deal at Dan Murphies, or the labels just looked nice and you really can’t walk away from a $5 bottle!

Marnie Vinall

Marnie is a Marketing and Media Communications student at Monash University. She loves reading, writing and her huge collection of plant friends.

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