The different relationships you'll have in your 20s

June 05, 2017
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By the time you’ve hit your 20s, you’ve probably fallen in and out of love a few times (and not to mention kissed more frogs than you’d care to admit). In today’s age, finding someone who has their life together and has more maturity than a high school kid can actually be quite a challenge. So if you’re in your 20s, here are some relationships you would have experienced, or seen friends go through.

No strings attached

When you have a lot going on between work, travel, uni, your social life, there are times where you’re not looking for anything serious. Maybe it’s because you’ve come out of a serious relationship and you’re not looking to fall straight back into something serious. But you still have needs. Just make sure both parties are on the same page, or you might find yourself in a bit of a situation.

The possessive one

Where are you? Who are you with? What time will you be home? Hello? Are you ignoring me?

Sound familiar? Even though most couples believe exclusivity is a given, there is definitely a line between what is caring and what is just plain toxic.

You may have met each other's families and know all of their friends, but every time you want to do something without them jealously rears its ugly head. Hollywood has romanticised some of the toxic relationships that you should not have to put up with. You are not someone's possession and it works both ways.

The clinger

They haven't really figured out that even though you're in a relationship, you're still your own person with your own life. They are really sweet at first, doing spontaneous things like rocking up at your door on a Thursday night with dinner and a movie, sending cute texts and calling each day but after the honeymoon phase, it can start to get really annoying.

They still want to do every single thing together with you, day and night. You're out with friends and forget to text them back and you know when you see them next you’re going to get an earful. The issue here is that they don't trust you and are constantly jealous, which can poison any good relationship.

The ghoster

You were both getting along great and starting to open up to each other the more the two of you spent time together. But all of a sudden they have disappeared off the face of the planet. They completed ghosted you.

The best friend

You’re best friends! You guys get along like a house on fire, you confide in each other, you do all the things couples should in a relationship like go out for food, take cute day trips and other fun activities. The best part of you guys being best friends is that you already know each other really well and have a strong bond – plus there's no awkward meeting the parents situations.

The co-worker

It started off as innocent flirtatious banter and before you knew it, you were actually excited to go to work… to see them. There’s chemistry between the both of you and the whole office won't deny it.

But be careful – we have all heard the nightmarish stories of how awkward it is to bump into an ex on the street; could you imagine bumping into them every day at work?! No thanks! But there’s always the chance it could actually work out for you.

The yo-yo ex

You broke up, but they just keep coming back. Your parents don't like him. Your friends know you can do better and you know you can do better.

But you just can't break away from them. You know you should move on… but we won’t hold our breath.  

The one

We have all been through a few shitty relationships and you get to the point where you're ready to call it quits. And of course, that’s when they stroll into our lives and knock us straight off our feet.

You get the feeling and you just know that this person is the real deal and it makes all the past struggles worth it. You may not believe in soul mates but you would say that this love is the best it can get!

Monique Taylor

Monique is studying a Bachelor of Media with PR & Advertising at UNSW. She is a lover of animals, chocolate and is a travel enthusiast.

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