The feels at the beginning of semester vs feels at the end of semester

June 29, 2017
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As we get to the end of another semester, it's a fun time to think back to that totally optimistic version of you who started the semester. Remember how excited you were to buy stationary and totally kill it this semester? Well, that didn’t last long. This is most likely what you sounded like at the start (a hopeful, positive, winning attitude!) versus how you feel now (defeated, done, dead).

“I’m actually going to try get HDs this semester!” vs “Eh, Ps are good enough.”

You were so hopeful that this could be the semester to bring that GPA/WAM up. While your first 10 per cent assignment had a chance, you had no hope of that dream when three 3000-word essays were due in the same semester… RIP good grades.

“I’ll actually attend my classes this time!” vs “Thank fuck for recorded lectures.”

If it wasn’t for recorded lectures, you would've definitely been screwed for exams. Even though you listen to them at double the speed or not at all. After week four, you were never to be seen in a lecture again, and when it came to compulsory tutorials, you attended the absolute minimum you’ve needed to pass, skipping classes to do... well, nothing.

“I can totally do the optional readings!” vs “Required readings? Hmmm nah…”

Optional readings! Ha! That was your attitude before you saw the required readings, asking you to read at least three chapters per week. Now that it's near the end, you've hopefully discovered the wonderful gift that is chapter summaries, or learned how to Google like a pro.

“I’m going to save so much money this sem!” vs “I’m soooo broke.”

With all the buckling down you promised yourself you’d do, you told yourself there’ll be no time for frivolous spending. You thought you’d save so much money to make those mid-year travel dreams come true. Yet here we are, after too many tutorials spent sneakily shopping online and a few too many nights at the uni pub, totally broke. Good thing you’ll have mid-year break to take up extra shifts at that part-time job! Urghhhh.

“I’ll use my study breaks wisely by going for a run!” vs “Walking to the fridge counts as exercise…”

The start of the exam period also starts equally optimistic. You’re going to create indexes, handy guides, quiz yourself - all with enough time to give yourself some reasonable breaks. At least, that would’ve happened if you hadn’t procrastinated and left it all to the last minute. You now tell yourself you don’t have time to go for a run, let alone leave your desk. Do romantic walks to the cupboard for a packet of Tim Tams count as exercise?

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