The feels you'll understand if you have no self-control with money

July 10, 2017
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The struggle of being a broke AF student is too real. We constantly complain we have no money, but it’s probs because we’re unwilling to give up that daily coffee, the nights out and the regular ASOS splurges. When your other expenses are rent and bills, bills, bills, you need to spend a bit of money on the fun things in life… right?

As soon as payday comes, you forget all the struggles of the past month and spend recklessly

Whether you’re paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly, the same thing will happen regardless – in the lead up to payday, you're so flat broke that you resort to stealing instant coffee from the post-grad lounge and making the most of any free food on campus or at your internship. But as soon as payday rolls around, you instantly forget about all the struggles your broke-self went to just to be fed. You spend big on items you most definitely do not need and regret it a day later when you’re back to being broke again.

You constantly have a tab open for online shopping

Online shopping is an active form of procrastination. If you’re sitting in a boring lecture or trying to study, you can’t help but click between shopping tabs, adding clothes to your shopping cart and wishlist that you know you can’t afford.

You have a credit card "In case of an emergency" (but that emergency is often avocado on toast)

Your fake reason for getting a credit card isn’t fooling anyone. Maybe you initially got one with the good intentions of using it in case of an emergency. But those emergencies quickly turned into treating yourself to new shoes and brunch with your mates.

You justify spending big at a clothes sale as “Saving money”

You can’t resist a good sale. Instead of worrying when the total amount of your shopping spree hits the triple digits, you look the other way. “Sure, it might be $180. But it could have been $300. I just saved $120.” Your logic isn’t fooling anyone.

You practically live at Kmart

How great is Kmart? You justify shopping there because everything is so damn cheap. But it’s no longer a cheap place to shop when your shopping trolley starts to pile up with homewares, workout gear and all the random bits and pieces that you definitely do not need. You might already have a lamp that works perfectly fine, but is it shaped in a geometric shape and only costs $19?! Didn’t think so. Thanks to the late-night hours, you can even schedule late-night friend catch-ups just browsing the aisles…

You are always and forever broke AF

You’re now resigned to the fact that you’re living the broke student life. Single digits in your bank account no longer scares you, but invites a new challenge for being even thriftier until that next payday. Instead of giving up your social life, you and your equally broke friends find ways around it like drinking rosé goon and spending nights binge-watching Netflix instead of going out. At least you’re not alone in this #brokestudent struggle.

Image: Confessions of a Shopaholic