The modern dating terms you didn’t know you needed to know

March 30, 2017
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Thanks to Urban Dictionary and our love of shortening everything into an acrorym, we’re left with a whole bunch of terms that supposedly define our generation's dating habits. You may have heard of the shitty trends like breadcrumbing, ghosting and benching, but there’s also a whole lot of words to sum up our everyday dating lives. Much like the German language, which expresses long-winded concepts into a single word that has no English translation, take this as your go-to guide on modern dating lingo.


Probs not sure where I’m going with this, right? Much like every other dating term, the connection is pretty loose between the word and what it’s describing. The phenomenon of cuffing refers to the time of year that’s fast approaching. Typically initiated in Autumn, it’s when the single among us start pairing off and coupling up for the cold winter months. While summer is the ultimate time to be single, in winter all you want to do is stay inside, watch movies and eat comfort food - i.e. all perfect relationship activities. The idea is you’re “cuffed” or tied down to someone just for the season, which is why it’s also often referred to as cuffing season. Bizarre, we know.


Although hiberdating might be a better word for cuffing, we don’t choose the dating terms, we’re just here to pass on the *cough* wisdom. Rather than signifying your hibernating with a partner in the cold winter months, this term can relate to any time of the year. If you’ve ever known a friend to disappear off the face of the earth when they start dating someone, only making rare appearances at social events, that’s hiberdating. You won’t hear from them for months and when they suddenly do emerge, they can’t go anywhere without their significant other. Don’t be a hiberdater, fam.


Not to be confused with DTF, but similar to LTR, DTR means to Definite The Relationship (also known as Label The Relationship). We’ve all been in that awkward interim stage of seeing someone where we don’t know if it’s serious, casual, going anywhere, FWB etc. Thankfully, we now have an acronym to remind us when we're in this sitch. If you’re whining to your friends that you don’t know your status, you’ll probably be met with the obvious and succinct solution to “DTR”. It might seem daunting and scary, but really it’s as simple as three letters.


We can thank Kanye for bringing this word into our lives, made famous by his song ‘Mercy’. Unlike other dating terms, this can be interpreted pretty literally. It basically means to dodge someone you’re not interested in. If they’re showing you interest, you literally just avoid their texts, snaps and so on, essential swerving away from their attempts to win you over. It could be as brutal as not replying, or it could be even more brutal with a flat out no.


The word alone probs isn’t enough to understand wtf we’re talking about, but it does make sense (hear us out). Monkeying refers to the behaviour of a particular person who can’t be without a partner or romantic interest. Essentially, this person bounces from person to person, never having a break between relationships. The analogy essentially comes from the idea of a monkey, swinging from tree to tree without having a rest between branches (i.e. some time to stop and focus on you). We all know a friend who’s guilty of monkeying, thankfully we have a word to describe it to them now.