What we really think about the students of other degrees (vs the truth)

June 07, 2017
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We’ve all heard the jokes. Arts students will work at Macca’s, law students are arrogant and science kids are nerds. But, do we honestly think that about our fellow students?

I sent out a questionnaire to Australian students of each of the four main faculties. First, to see what they really thought of everyone else, and second, to see if anyone else got it right. Though it’s fair to note, that the views expressed are of the interviewed students only, and do not represent every student across Australia, so please, no protests, Arts students.

Arts, social sciences and education

I hate to tell you, but this faculty was almost unanimously voted the most annoying on campus, maybe because we tend to think of you as being extremely opinionated and almost always protesting something.

Turns out the Macca’s joke has some basis, since the other students weren’t too optimistic about your employment prospects either, as you were also voted least likely to find a job after graduation.

They party hard and work part-time to support their weed habit.

But mad respect for your social lives, even though we think you can be a bit spaced out, we do think you have the best social life, and easily the most interesting haircuts.

The truth: Because the degree is so varied, the students tend to be as well. As a generalisation though, the survey/the other students nailed it.

Medicine, nursing and health sciences

We love you guys, seriously. Out of everyone at uni, you were voted the ones we most want to date on campus, maybe partially because we think you have a pretty decent chance of finding a job after graduation.

Like to bury themselves in work and cry themselves to sleep when they realise how much they still have left to do.

There’s a lot of respect out there for all of you, we know you study hard and compensate with some wild partying once exams are over.

Sorry to the future Doctors though, your Nursing and Health Science counterparts were identified as being way more fun then you, maybe because some of your fellow students think you’re a bit in love with yourselves. Though, to be fair, we’re a little bit in love with you too.

The truth: True, but while they can find a job, unless you’re in medicine, it’s probably not the best salary or advancement opportunities.

Science and engineering

We’re all a bit mixed about you guys. Most of you seem normal, but out of everyone on campus, you have the most weirdos amongst you. We think you complain the most, even though we think you’re the most likely to get a job after graduation, but we’d still date you if the medical students reject us.

They’re either gorgeous, glamourous fashion icons with perfect hair and nails, or they’re half-asleep, track-suit wearing messes with Minecraft t-shirts.

We still think you’re a little bit dorky, but to be honest, we don’t really know since almost everyone described you as introverted and in need of some drinks before conversation is flowing.

The Truth: Seems about right (this faculty are people of few words).

Law and business

Perhaps the most polarising students on campus, other students either hate us, or are us. We were unanimously voted the most arrogant, yet also the most fun and the most in-demand drinking buddies. Yet everyone also seems to think that we spend most of our weekends in the library. Despite this, people seem to think we do nothing more than copy down our lecturer’s notes and leave our assignments to the last minute.

Moderate party-goers, but generally have too much pride to be the type who fall asleep in a pool of their own vomit or flash the cops.

Our shit-talking skills are almost as legendary as our arrogance though, with our partying abilities not respected at all.

The Truth: We still have no pride when we drink, do way more than copy down lecture notes, and think we’re the best on campus because we are the best on the campus.

Anne Rathbone

Anne is a law student at Flinders University, who spends way too much time with her cat and not enough with actual humans.

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